From molecular vibrations to gravitational waves, the physical processes that surround us express themselves through a multitude of oscillations at different scales. What about our human interactions? What is the oscillatory potential of our relationship with space? How can we oscillate together?  Ondulatorium is an experimental platform bringing these reflections in an interactive acousmatic space. 

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WIRED on emergence

Emergence: when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Spectators’ movements trigger an immersive journey into the heart of the physical process of emergence. The trajectories of the 360° spatialized sounds are synchronized with the projections. The result is an amplified, organic space centered on the spectator’s interaction with the space.

During one evening the installation was adapted to host a performance by Izabela Orzelowska on the subject of feminist resistance.


Gonzague Rebetez, Timothée Verheij 


Izabela Orzelowska

Dôme Immersif 

Jocelyn Raphanel 

2023 Swiss Museum of Electronic Music

Immersive dome, motion detection, spatialized sound in 32 speakers, 360° algorithmic projections

WIRED on bioelectronic

The installation experiments with the possible parallels between bioelectronics and an art gallery, transforming the Dreiviertel Kunstraum into an aesthetic sensor. The movements of the viewers independently activate 6 loudspeakers, creating an adjustable sound ambience. Conversely, the projections are made from live images of the space, revealing only immobility.


Gonzague Rebetez, Timothée Verheij 

2022 Kunstraum Dreitviertel

Motion detection, spatialized sound in 8 speakers, algorithmic projections, metal structure