Dr. Gonzague Rebetez

1992 Switzerland


Gonzague is a scientist (PhD in physical-chemistry) and new media artist based in Lausanne. His academic career has taken him from the University of Fribourg to the University of Bern, with stops abroad at the Weizmann Institute of Science (IL) and Cambridge University (UK). His academic work has been rewarded with a number of prizes, and he has organised various events to build bridges between society and science. As production and curation assistant at EPFL Pavillon, he has organised the Cyber-Physical Symposium. 


Since 2022, Gonzague puts his experience of light, sensors and algorithms at the service of artistic creation. In collaboration with the sound artist Timothée Verheij, he builds reactive acousmatic installations inspired of scientific concepts. With the dance artist Izabela Orzelowska, he creates spectacles and performances aiming at amplifying dance and emotionalizing science.